Radiator Repairs are $40 to $70 per


A Repair is from simple straightening to fixing leaks. Price to be determined at the time of repair.

Radiator Bracing is $60 per Radiator

Seam welding is $60 per Radiator

As seen above

Backside                                         Frontside           

Cage Bracing is $70 per Radiator

As seen above

Tank Modifications is $130 per Radiator

As seen above

All Radiators that are sent in to be checked for leaks and do not have them will be charged a $20 fee for cleaning and pressure testing.

Radiators that are Painted and not Aluminum finished, Epoxy, JB Weld, or Farm Fresh Dirty (taken off before washing the bike) will be charged a cleaning fee of $20 per radiator.

Ship To:


836 Southwick Ave

Clayton, NC 27527



Please include your contact information with radiators and

Services needed


Fill out the repair form!!!

Business Hours are 9am to 5pm

Monday thru Friday

ICW also builds quality Aluminum Bikestands by hand and are 100% made in the USA

Panel Stands Regular or Slanted are $120 each

Basic Stands Are $95 each

All stands are built at the time ordered


ICW is the Industry Leader in Dirt Bike Radiator Repair and Modifications